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Access to new markets

Identifying a reputable, reliable agent or distributor is vital to mitigating risk and achieving success in the Ukrainian market. In order to identify such a business partner, it is absolutely essential that appropriate due diligence be conducted.

Depending upon your long-term interests, using an agent or distributor is an excellent way to learn about the Ukrainian market, gauge market potential, establish connections and develop a customer base and product recognition in the market, as a prelude to expansion.

In order to find a qualified potential partner, the Ukrainiane Chamber of Commerce and Industry recommends using our services, such as this portal to conduct initial screening and meet with potential partners, agents or representatives. 

How to use our portal?

The UCCI will facilitate on processing the requests received by business communities and will provide the necessary assistancein advisory and organizational manner.

Commercial request /completed form concerning your enterprise and products must be sent on the emailier.ucci.2020@gmail.com

The letter to the UCCI should be accompanied by completed standard form of (import/export) offer (FORM FOR COMMERCIAL REQUEST), additional advertising and presentation materials regarding your enterprise and product itself.



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