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Membership advantages

- presentation and protection of interests in Ukraine and abroad by way of participating in the work of advisory organs of the Chamber, entrepreneurcommittees, business councils and clubs;

- promotion of development of foreign economic relations, export of Ukrainian products and services;

- getting consultations on issues, which belong to the competency of chamber of commerce and industry;

- promotion in decision of issues for members of the Chamber in regions through the network of regional CCIs;

- participation in events which are held at the UCCI (forums, conferences, round tables, seminars, exhibitions, business meetings with representatives of foreign business circles, etc);

- receipt of information about business events, which are held in Ukraine and abroad, as well as commercial proposals from foreign companies;

- receipt of recommendation letters, which confirm membership in the Chamber for Embassies and business partners abroad;

- receipt of contact information of the database of Chamber members with the goal of seeking partners;

- receipt of free electronic and print publications of the UCCI and regional CCIs;

- primary service and receipt of discounts up to 20% for separate services of the Chamber;

- PR-support.

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