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Gennadiy CHYZHYKOV, President.

Honored economist of Ukraine. Honorary Consul of France.

Expert on issues:

– Development of the Chamber movement in Ukraine.

– International economic relations in Ukraine.

– Economic strategies of development in Ukraine.


Mykhailo NEPRAN, First Vice-President.

Business analyst. He has held managing positions at the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Administration of the President of Ukraine, State Commission on Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine.

Expert on issues:

–  Support of small and medium business.

–  Deregulation.

–  Anti-corruption initiatives.


Serhiy SVYSTIL, Vice-President.

He has long-term experience working in the foreign economic activity sphere; has held positions in the state service. Supervises work on translation, publication and distribution of international documents, rules and recommendations of international business organizations in Ukraine.

Expert on issues:

–  Foreign economic activity of enterprises.

–  Strategies of export support - on a national scale, as well as at separate enterprises.

–  International business recommendations (international legislature, recommendations of the International Chamber of Commerce, etc.)

–  Business practices.


Rostyslav KOROBKA, Vice-President.

PhD in Economics. Finance specialist. He held managing positions in companies of the insurance and investment sectors for over 10 years.

Expert on issues:

–  Stock market.

–  Building market of Ukraine.

–  Banking sector (banks and financial institutions).

–  Investment market (investment proposals, analysis of investment policy).


Valeriy KOROL, Vice-President.

From 1990 – works in the UCCI system on development of international economic relations. Completed studies and fellowships in the UK, Germany, USA and other countries. Former Representative of the UCCI in Korea.

Expert on issues:

–  Foreign economic activity.

–  International economic relations.


Gennadiy BOLDYR, Director of Direction of International Cooperation.

Held the position of President of the Luhansk Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was an Economic Counsellor of the Embassy of Ukraine in Austria.

Expert on issues:

– International and economic cooperation.

– Foreign economic activity.

– Business specifics of Austria.

– Business specifics of Iran.

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