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Mission, Vision and Values

UCCI Mission

The UCCI System ensures favorable business climate in Ukraine, creates and widens opportunities for business by opening new markets for native export,  fostering dinamic internationalization of ukrainian business and active intergation in the world economy, improving institutional environment in the process of business and government dialogue, and by providing services in demand. 


The CCI system in Ukraine is an influential, effective and proactive organization, in Ukraine, with a powerful network of partnerships abroad, which create conditions for increase of competitiveness of business on a regional, national and international level.   

The UCCI System is the most regionally branched out independent members and expert organization. It is recognizable and respected in Ukraine and in the world. It is of high level of corporate culture and unites high-end professionals and experts, who kindly cooperate for the above mentioned mission realization.  



1. Harmony

We act in the way, that accommodates interests of all parties
interested in the Chamber’s prosperity.

2. Trust

We act so, in order to form a trust to the UCCI System at national and international levels as to reliable, independent, arbitral organization.

3. Professionalism

We act professionally and always upgrade our professionalism.

4. Knowledge

We collect, preserve, value and maximize knowledge.

5. EfficiencyWe focus on results, because we value ours and our partner’s
6. Members of the UCCI, Clients, other StakeholdersWe strive to surpass expectations of the UCCI members, clients and other stakeholders.

7. Team

Every team member is responsible for the common result. We are open for cooperation. We help and support each other.