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About Membership

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What is Membership in the UCCI?

  • Protection (Protection and advocacy of your business)
  • Support(Support in the development of yours international economic relations and export)
  • Contacts (Search of ukrainian and foreign partners)
  • Community (Participation in business events and international delegations together with 8 thousands other members) 
  • Proposals (Receipt of commercial proposals from ukrainian and foreign companies)
  • Influence on the rule-making process (Membership in the Committees of Entrepreneurs, discussion and submission of proposals to the executive authorities)


Rights and Responsibilities 

Members of the Chamber have the right to:

  • to participate in the activities and management of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry through participation in its governing bodies;
  • to elect delegates to the Conference of the UCCI;
  • to elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  • to submit proposals for consideration of the governing bodies of the UCCI on issues within its scope of activity;

Members of the Chamber are obliged to:

  • actively promote the realization of the tasks and functions of the Chamber;
  • pay entrance and membership fees in due form;
  • carry out its activities on the principles of respect for partnership, integrity, fair competition.

Termination of membership in the Chamber

Termination of membership in the Chamber is carried out on the basis of a written application to the regional CCI.

A member may be expelled from the members of the CCI of Ukraine in the case of:

  • confirmed information on violation by the UCCI member of the principles of respect for partnership and integrity, fair competition, as well as termination of its activities;
  • refusal or non-participation in the activities of the Chamber;
  • non-payment of membership fees during the calendar year.

In case of non-fulfillment by a member of the Chamber of duties provided by its Statute, decisions on expulsion from the Chamber are made by the Presidium of the UCCI or the governing bodies of regional CCI by further notification of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


How to become a member of the Chamber?

Members of the Chamber may be legal entities established and operating in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, and citizens of Ukraine registered as entrepreneurs and their associations.

  1. Contact the regional CCI.
  2. Submit a copy of the document on state registration, a completed application and a standard questionnaire.
  3. Pay entrance and membership fees set in the regional CCI.



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