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Certification of Goods and Services

1. Confirmation of origin of goods exported from Ukraine and issue of relevant certificate of origin

2. Preparation and completion of certificates eur.1 under the Agreement on free trade with the EU, Montenegro, EFTA, etc:

  • Oral advice on practical application of ftas’  terms and conditions;
  • Written advice on practical application of ftas’ terms and conditions;
  • Confirmation  of  origin  status  of  goods   and drawing up  of conclusions 
  • Origin;
  • Determination of   cn  code under  classifiers  of  other countries;
  • Completing certificates eur.1.

3. Consultations on determination of origin of goods, services.

4. Confirmation of certificates of origin issued in other countries.

5. Drawing up expert opinion on  cn code according  ukrainian    classifier  and  classifiers  of  other countries (see application form).

6. Determination of  enterprises   which  manufacture   goods, work  and  provide services in Ukraine (for  tenders).

7. Works relating to the status of authorized economic operator, including the authorized (approved) exporter for Ukrainian enterprises.

Certification of Goods and Services

Certification of Goods and Services