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Children's Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program

The Ukrainian CCI is establishing a charitable fund for the implementation of projects aimed at overcoming the consequences of the aggression of the Russia to civil society and business, rapid and secure integration into the European space, realizing the potential of people and business in the future.

With the beginning of the war, children became the most vulnerable category.
According to UNICEF, more than 1.5 million children in Europe have become refugees, and 75% have suffered physical and psychological injuries.

That is why the Foundation of the Ukrainian CCI together with the Association of Child and Youth Tourism, domestic child psychologists have developed a Children's Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program for children affected by Russian aggression in Ukraine (information attached).

The purpose of this Program is to preserve and restore physical and mental health; reducing the frequency and severity of the consequences of mental trauma; prevention of aggressive and self-destructive behavior.

This year, the project expects to involve 1,000 children in the program who were directly in the war zone or injured during the occupation. To this end, we cooperate with relevant ministries and agencies and found such children. As part of the Rehabilitation Program, children will be placed in children's centers in Ukraine and Greece. Both centers are located in recreational areas and are safe for children. The cost of the Rehabilitation Program for 1000 children is 480 000 euros or 480 euros per child.

In accordance with the activities of the ICC, we ask you to support our initiative for the children of Ukraine and help establish cooperation with international foundations and businesses in the implementation of the Rehabilitation Program. For our part, we are ready to coordinate all the necessary project and financial documentation for its implementation and provide complete reporting documentation. We will be glad to make a zoom call to provide all details.

In our deep conviction, it is the cooperation between Ukraine and European countries on children that will ensure mutual development and enrich the experience of European countries in the near future.
We would be grateful for consideration of our offer.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Department for International Cooperation (Ms. Anna Liubyma, tel.: +38 0955466509, e-mail: [email protected]).