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Export to the EU

Analysis of requirements for products and companies exporting to the EU

Analysis of legal requirements of the EU for food products

Audit of product characteristics accordance to requirements of EU directives and standards

Expertise of labeling accordance for products as per EU requirements

Origin expertise for labeling food products as per EU requirements  

Requests for quality of food products: EU requirements  

Review of accordance of labeling of food products to EU standards

Recommendations as to product labeling

Analysis of export readiness of a company

Definition of indicative prices for products in EU countries

Definition of origin for food products labeling in the EU

Definition of conditions of tariff and non-tariff regulation during export to the EU

Information by the codes TARIC, Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity, rates of customs, anti-dumping and other customs, excise duties and VAT 

Market monitoring, product potential on the market

Information provision on European and national legislature on issues of technical regulation

Search for a notified certification organ for accordance to the international standard НАССР (ISO 22000), help with certification transit

Trade schedules of products availability for the EU market – short analytical information

Trade schedules of products availability for the EU market – extended analytical information