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Certificates of origin

Proof of origin of Ukrainian goods and issuing certificates of origin for export products:
Office of commodity inspection and certification of origin

  • general purpose certificate to the EU(in English);
  • general purpose certificate for the goods exported to CIS countries (in Russian);
  • ST-1 preferential certificate for exports to the CIS countries under the conditions of Rules of Origin;
  • Form A preferential certificate under the General System of Preferences (EU countries, Japan, Turkey, USA);
  • EUR-1 preferential certificate for the goods exported to the Republic of Macedonia;
  • preferential certificate for the goods exported to Mexico;
  • U-1 certificate for the customs territory of Ukraine;
  • certificate of origin of services;
  • general purpose certificate.

To get the certificate you need:

I. Draw  up:

Application-declaration for a  certificate of origin for goods / services or application for a certificate of free sale

II. Provide the necessary documents

III. Pay service