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Check of the reliability of a potential partner (company profile, business profile)

COMPANY PROFILE: provision of information from the official business register of the country (legally established minimum part of it: company name, number and date of registration, status (active, in bankruptcy, etc.).

Purpose: to verify the official existence/registration of a potential partner

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Purpose: to obtain detailed information about a potential partner *:

  • register information (legal form, date of foundation, account number, company status (active, in the process of reorganization, bankruptcy, etc.).
  • financial information (share capital, turnover, real estate, asset, liability, banks, payments)
  • marketing information (founders, shareholders, management data, scope of activities, number of employees, information on new and existing partners and counterparties)
  • solvency index
  • merchandising risk assessment
  • assessment of the debtor's solvency and recoverability
  • business risk assessment
  • supplier audit
  • scope for cooperation
  • analysis and assessment in insurance of financial and export risks, etc.

The research is carried out with attraction of partner international consulting agencies.

The result of the research is a detailed report in two languages.

* Depending on the country, information sources and data availability, all blocks can be fully disclosed in the business profile in each case.

* Download the application form