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The Second Business Forum of the Ukrainian Diaspora

17 May 2018 10:00-12:00

The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to unite proactive Ukrainian businessmen abroad and creates a communication platform for the promotion of the Ukrainian brands and goods in foreign markets through horizontal business communications.

On May 17-18, 2018, the 2nd Business Forum of the Ukrainian Diaspora "Global Business Diplomacy: Ukrainian Dimension" will take place in Kyiv at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (33, vul. Velyka Zhytomyrska) under the slogan "Ukrainians of the World - for Ukraine". 

Most Ukrainians abroad adopt a proactive stance and participate in the activities of public associations of the Ukrainian Diaspora in different countries of the world, whose purpose is to popularize Ukraine through cultural and citizen diplomacy. Among the Ukrainians who live abroad, a large number of successful small, medium and large entrepreneurs do business. Besides, many Ukrainians have graduated from foreign higher educational institutions and successfully work on managerial positions for foreign national and transnational companies and corporations. 

At the same time, the promotion of economic interests and formation of a positive business reputation of Ukraine on foreign markets is extremely important. 

The main tasks of the FORUM:

  • to form an attractive business reputation of Ukraine in the world;
  • to promote positive changes in the business climate in Ukraine;
  • to create  an extraterritorial community of proactive businessmen of Ukrainian descent in order to promote Ukraine's economic interests in world markets through public business diplomacy;
  • to create the platform for business communication -  "Friends of Ukraine" of Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian origin - with the purpose of realization of international business projects, exchange of business information and competencies;
  • to create a network of "sales agents and regional experts" - representatives of the Ukrainian CCI, who are Ukrainian businesspeople, with the aim of promoting Ukrainian brands and goods on foreign markets;
  • to conclude and implement the provisions of the "Global Economic Charter of the Ukrainian Business".


 17.05.2018 ( 1st day)

  • Morning time: plenary session (with the presence of government representatives, meeting with Ukrainian CCI’s representatives abroad and heads of Business Councils;
  • Conclusion of the «Global Economic Charter of the Ukrainian Business”;
  • Afternoon time: sectoral sessions (with participation of leading international and national experts and core ministry representatives);
  • B2B meetings
  • Gala meeting (dinner).

 18.05.2018 (2nd day)

  • Business trip to Kaniv city (Cherkasy region) in partnership with Ukraine Humanitarian Development Fund and supported by the city administration. 

TheWorld Ukrainian Congress, Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Ukrainian Canadian Congress, European Congress of Ukrainians, World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations, Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organizations and others are welcome to be co-organizers of the Forum.

Ticket price:

1 (one) day – 80 $;

2 (two) days – 120 $.


In case of any questions, please contact Mr. Hennadii Boldyr (International Cooperation Directorate): +38 044 461-98-07, [email protected]

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