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22 Apr 2019 09:00-18:00

April 22 – 23 , 2019 in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, will take place THE FIRST TECHNOLOGICAL FORUM “UPDATE OF THE UKRAINIAN LIGHT INDUSTRY”.


Target audience of the Forum:

  • Owners of companies and technical management of light industry enterprises;
  • Designers, technologists;
  • Representatives of Ukrainian fashion clusters;
  • Designers, startups;
  • Scientists and students.


Information Age - Industry 4.0. in light industry and fashion industry.

Industrial revolution is the automation of absolutely all processes and stages of production:

  • From the digital design of a product, creating a virtual copy of it - to remotely customize the equipment at the factory in accordance with the technical requirements for the release of this particular "smart" product.
  • From the automatic ordering of the necessary components in the right quantity, controlling their delivery - to the ability to track the way of the finished product from the warehouse to the factory and the store to the end customer.



  • You will be able to get information about the innovations that have emerged due to the development of information technology and new materials;
  • During networking, you can ask the experts how to minimize your costs and increase the efficiency of production;


The lack of this knowledge makes it impossible to win a strong competition in the industry:

  • Automation of production and sales;
  • Modern digital printing;
  • Virtual reality;
  • Laser technology;
  • Robotics;


These thematic sections of the forum “UPDATE OF THE UKRAINIAN LIGHT INDUSTRY” open up new challenges and perspectives.

The cost of participation - 840 UAH (including VAT).




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