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International trading forum «LIM-2018 | FMCG» in KYIV

31 May 2018 09:00-18:00

May 31, 2018 in Kyiv – the largest international meeting of the year in the field of trade and export, retail business development, distribution and production. We invite best companies to participate!

Live International Marketplace (“LIM-2018”) – live most powerful platform for innovations, buying and selling FMCG goods, exchange valuable experience in the trading business and producing quality products.

Speeches | Analytics | Discussions and Round Tables | Presentations | Degustation | Exhibition 

Negotiations | Networking | Gala-Dinner

Location. The official part of the Forum (reports, discussions, negotiations, exhibition) will be held at the center of international cooperation – Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyiv.

The organizer “MY TRADE GROUP” (“99'TOPS”) and partners invite owners and business managers to join the forum program.

Direction. The 4th annual international forum for retailers, distributors and suppliers "LIM-2018" offers unprecedented opportunities – to open the best production facilities, including export-oriented companies of Ukraine and other countries, innovative enterprises, get acquainted with the best Ukrainian and foreign retail chains and the most successful distributors.


 - Retail, Distribution and Brands – “Made in Ukraine”. The future of FMCG business in Ukraine. Represented by market Leaders.

- The future of retail business models – future stores, multichannel and e-commerce, key challenges and innovations.

- Export of Ukrainian goods to foreign markets. Import of goods to Ukrainian retail chains.

- S&OP: sales and operation planning. Innovations in supply chain.

- B2B negotiations “Buyer-Supplier” for goods and services.

- Gala-dinner in the restaurant.

- Excursion for foreign guests to the best stores – on JUNE, 1.

 On the forum on May, 31 you will receive:

 - high quality practical market analysis and business prospects;

- models of future business (retail, brands, distribution, services for sales and manufacturing);

- opportunity to unite efforts at the level of all businesses in the supply chain aimed to satisfy the  consumer in Ukraine and in export markets;

- access to advanced innovations for FMCG business and practice of their application in your companies;

- B2B negotiations (with very high-quality companies and people with great opportunities) for joint projects, purchase and sale of goods and services;

- possibility to meet similar people in terms of goals and values who will become your companions or mentors;

- inspiration to move forward in achieving most ambitious goals;

- communication with smart, mature, progressive and extremely positive-minded people.

The official forum web-site: http://99-tops.net/lim-kyiv-2018-en/

Audience. The forum brings together 450 best delegates represented by owners and top managers in the branches – retail, distribution, production, B2B partners.

Moderator and producer of the Forum: Galina Potapchuk, founder of the project “99'TOPS”, MY TRADE GROUP.

The development of import opportunities at the forum is supported by: B2Ukraine, director – Oleg Beresnev.

Hosted by: Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

REGISTRATION FORMEnter “BVI-SAM” promo code to get special terms and additional services.

Find out about vacant speaker’s positions, order the details, become a sponsor – please, contact us: +380 (98) 098-83-99 / +38 (063) 978 58 09 / +380 (44) 221-80-39 / [email protected]

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