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Rebuilding Ukraine starts now


ICC Secretary General John Denton: "I was honoured to speak today at the Rebuilding Ukraine with the Private Sector - International Investment Fair, organised by UkraineInvest".

The mere fact that we are speaking about investment opportunities should leave the world in no doubt that Ukraine is serious about its economic reconstruction and development.

Rebuilding Ukraine may cost up to $500 billion and private investors will have a crucial role to play in the reconstruction effort. But this requires careful preparation and quality implementation.

At the International Chamber of Commerce, we will continue convening our regional groupings to draw attention to both the challenges Ukrainian business community is facing but also the opportunities that investing provides.

We will keep open our business network to provide advice to the Ukrainian government on how to improve the investment climate and make whatever reforms are necessary to support the private sector.

And we will always advocate for the best policies from governments and international organisations to allow the freest possible flow of goods, services and capital.

Rebuilding Ukraine starts now.

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