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Kenyan entrepreneurs looking for partners in Ukraine


The Chambers of Commerce of Ukraine and Kenya organized a presentation of Kenya fruits and vegetables suppliers to potential Ukrainian importers, including retailers.

The Department of International Cooperation of the Chambers of Commerce of Ukraine facilitates the organization of B2B negotiations of Ukrainian entrepreneurs with foreign partners.

Today, the focus attention was on Kenya, which remains the leader in Ukraine’s trade with East Africa. Last year, the bilateral trade turnover reached $ 100 million. Kenya is among the top ten most important consumers of Ukrainian goods: it mainly imports grain crops, mineral fertilizers, oils of animal and/or vegetable origin from Ukraine.  
Instead, it proposes fruits, coffee and tourism to the Ukrainian market.

During the online B2B meeting on February 1, 2022, MID ONE SERVICES LIMITED presented its products to Ukrainian partners.

Ukrainian and Kenyan entrepreneurs discussed the peculiarities of exotic fruit supplies and demand. Kenyans learned about the capacity of fruits/vegetables in different regions of Ukraine and the conditions of supply organization. The participants of the meeting expressed interest in cooperation. MID ONE SERVICES LIMITED is a member of the National Chamber of Commerce of Kenya (KNCCI), which generally unites more than 10,000 businesses.

Similar presentations to find foreign partners are held at the request of Ukrainian exporters.
Supporting businesses in finding promising export markets is one of the services traditionally provided by chambers of commerce.

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