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Close the skies over Ukraine! Give Ukraine weapons to defend against Russian aggression!


Dear German friends, colleagues,

we address you, experts and partners of the AHK Ukraine German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Deutsche Botschaft Kiew, Anka Feldhusen, whom we for her great contribution to the economic development of our state, their love for the Ukraine and our native language are very much appreciated.

Put pressure on your government and demand the ban on flights over Ukraine,

Weapons for Ukraine in defense of Russian aggression!

They are professionals, you know how to do it.

We believe in you!

We look back at our long-term cooperation. Joint efforts to develop the Ukrainian economy are connecting us to fear.

In collaboration with Volker Stötzner and Ludwig Wangemayer, we have tried a lot to delight Ukrainian wineries through the wine culture of the family-run wine-making companies in the Rhein region. Together with Henning Finck we have introduced the swarm intelligence in the company communication as an alternative to post-Soviet rüpelei. With the professional journalist, presenter at the leading German TV station SAT. 1, ARD and ZDF, Juliane Hilsch, we have trained our female entrepreneurs to develop communication with politics professionally. With the life-loving optimist, Andre Pilling we have helped domestic agricultural exporters to integrate into the EU market. With our good friend and the Ukrainian patriot, Ralf Lowack we have expanded the tolerance for privacy rights and the unimpededed corporate freedom. We all contribute to the integration of the Ukrainian economy into the EU. Yes, the Ukrainian economy is not very strong yet, and we still have a lot to do. But we will reach our goal! After our victory!

Ukrainians are doing a lot now. They have joined together and bravely defend their country, freedom, democracy and European values.

Ukrainian armed forces perform true miracles of stability in fighting the Russian aggressor. But they need more support from our international partners.

The flight ban zone that NATO is supposed to create for the protection of humanitarian corridors, and additional military equipment for the defense of Ukraine are extremely necessary, even today. Germany's voice can be crucial in this.

Germany, as the leader of the EU economy, cannot simply observe how Russian fascists commit crimes against humanity in Ukraine.

"Don't insult the Russians in Germany" can't be a policy of the Federal Chancellor Scholz and his cabinet. Is it the answer to the terror that millions of Ukrainian citizens are exposed by Putin's fascist regime?

Dear German friends! Today you are able to change the position of your government and help Ukraine and save thousands of lives.

And another one. If you think it doesn't concern them or economic interests are more important if you still can't see through the true intentions of the Kremlin, read the headline "After Berlin" on the back of the Russian military helicopter ubers MI-24 (s. the pic as the envelope below).