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The mighty and proud country has suffered the most terrible blow in a hundred years.

32 thousand dead, 80 thousand wounded. In 10 provinces of the country declared a state of emergency.

At the epicenter of the earthquake was the million-strong city of Gaziantep, the size of Kyiv.  Hundreds of thousands of people are left in the cold in the open air, without the bare essentials. 

The country lost 10% of GDP.  Such a powerful disaster cannot be overcome without support.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, in coordination with the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Ukraine, announces the collection of humanitarian cargo for victims of the earthquake.

Turkey is our friend, partner, neighbor.  We are grateful to the Turkish people for "bayraktary", "grain corridor", humanitarian aid.  We are grateful to Turkish businesses that, despite the risks, remain in Ukraine: not a single Turkish company has left our market and everyone is helping us.

The trouble experienced by the Turks is as close to Ukrainians as anyone.  To lose everything in one moment - home, family, work, life... We are experiencing such pain, share and strive to help.

From the Embassy of Turkey in Ukraine, we received a list of the most necessary things for people in the disaster zone.

Winter tents, heaters, blankets and generators are urgently needed.

We appeal to our manufacturers, entrepreneurs who have the desire and ability to provide long-term storage products, hygiene products, basic necessities, baby products, and water.

Let's help Turkey together!

You can download the list of necessary items for help below:

Contacts of the aid collection coordinator: Anna Liubyma, +38 095 546 6509, [email protected].