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21 Jun 2017 10:00-18:00

This year, the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is bringing the East Invest 2 Annual Partner Conference to Kyiv. The Conference will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel (Podil). EUROCHAMBRES, in cooperation with the European Commission, nominated the Ukrainian CCI as the organizer in Ukraine.

The event will bring together representatives of Business Support Organizations (BSOs) from the 6 Eastern Partnership countries and from EU member states, senior officials from the European Commission, OECD, EBRD, EUROCHAMBRES and UEAPME, and the East Invest 2 Team.

The Conference will be a unique opportunity for participants to get an insight into the East Invest 2 project and its role in economic cooperation between the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries, to seek possibilities for cooperation with other business support organizations, to share best practices and achievements within the project as well as views and suggestions for future similar programs.

The East Invest 2 project can financially support participation of a limited number of participants (one participant per approved organisation. Priority will be given to organizations that we actively involved in the implementation of the East Invest 2 project.

We encourage you to pre-register your interest in participation in the conference as soon as possible but not later than 24 April 2017 via the pre-registration link.


For more information regarding the event, please contact Ms. Marusa Benkic: [email protected]  (for organizational issues) or Mr. Stanislav Daskalov: [email protected] (for questions related to content).

Mediarepresentativesmustregisterat the number+38 (044) 279-18-99 and/or by e-mail [email protected].

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