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Petro Synegub: Why is a lack of rules dangerous for business?


The founder of the Business Academy 4Smart about the reasons why a set of corporate rules is a must have for any successful company.

For 14 years of my company management, I’ve understood one thing - business can not function effectively without rules. Almost all business owners relax when they hear these words. They believe their companies operate according to the rules and they have nothing to worry about.

The problem is that these rules are not spelled out. And if there is no document, there is nothing to do.

Among my acquaintances, small and medium-sized businessmen, only 10% of them have registered and documented the internal laws in their companies. The percentage of the companies where employees are familiar witht hese rules and follow them is even smaller.

Why is a lack of rules dangerous for business?

So, a huge part of companies exists without rules and still reaches its indicators. More experienced staff orally tell the novices about how it is customary to interact here.

A very small business can really afford it. But when the owner wants to develop and expand the team, he will feel all the difficulties.

The fact is that without the prescribed rules, the owner can not affect on them:

  • to change the rules
  • to punish the employees if they do not follow them
  • simply to command the team to follow them

As long as the rules exist only in words, the employees do not consider it necessary to perform them. And they are right - no one binds them.

But what are the rules? This is the owner's ideology. How will he do his business the way he’s planned, if he does not translate his main principles of the team? How will he save the discipline and eliminate any indignation about any innovations?

The answer is – he won’t. At least until the policy document appears materially. Then the employees decide if they are ready to work for them. If not, they should find another company with the appropriate policy.

How to issue corporate rules

I'm not talking about instructions on how to take a sack or a hospital. Corporate rules cover all the aspects of collaboration between colleagues:

  • how to accept and set the tasks
  • how to plan your time
  • how to communicate with the colleagues and the superiors
  • how to treat your own work

I advise you to draw up such a great document in a special way - in the form of rules, principles and paradigms of the company's work.

Points can be as many as you like. In my business there are 36.6 of them – this number is needed to maintain a healthy temperature regime in the company.

Here are some of them:

  • "Report not only the problem, but also the possible ways to solve it"
  • "Each task should have a term and an ultimate goal. The manager did not say? Be sure to find it out yourself "
  • "Take on self-education, work on your skills, become a professional"
  • "Answer exactly as many times as you are asked questions. The head does not put rhetorical questions "
  • "Thank and praise your colleagues, dealers and clients more often"

A set of corporate rules is necessary for the company. But not for a tick. The employees really need to know and follow them. Without this set, even the most just and most honest rules will not have any strength.

However, with the rules and principles and paradigms that have been approved, the company is working in a coordinated manner. And most importantly - it is ready for development and growth.

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